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1C configuration, Cyprus


Cyprus, Limassol

1C is the most popular accounting application that can achieve a new standard of accounting automation. 1C is constantly improving the application and services in order to provide a modern and universal solution for accounting.

If the basic configuration is insufficient to address the company's concerns, the best idea is to turn to professionals. Digital Agency UNITEX specialists will carry out any actions on changing and customizing your 1C, regardless the type of business and the size of your company. Along with it, they will complement the current configuration or offer a different solution for your business.

An individual configuration based on 1C has been developed for the Autolife car service. The software enables the enterprise to fully monitor its performance.

An individual purchase order for reception of vehicles, a general order log and an invoice template were developed. Log reports were added to the system, which record current expenses and profits, allowing not only to maintain internal shift accounting, but also to display general reports by periods for accounting.

1C is synchronized with the car service website. In the personal account on, a client can track all the repairs that have ever been carried out in the service. This system allows to track deadlines (for example, an oil change) and perform technical inspection in a timely manner.

All printing forms were designed individually on behalf of the customer, taking into account the Cypriot legislation.